DIY instructions

You learned a lot about the basics and correction of eyebrows.

In this section you get all informations regarding styling: how to dye your eyebrows, working with pen, cream or powder, how to handle rebellious hair and beside his help for eyebrows when you wear glasses.

More informations:

Which dye match my eyebrow hair? See in this chart based on your natural hair color exactly, which color flatters you and matches and how to mix them...

How to dye your eyebrows Dye and tint your eyebrows at home just as the professionals do!

How to draw your eyebrows with a pencil The most natural way to intense the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil is to draw single, fine lines in the direction the eyebrow hairs naturally grows - so they look like naturally hair and not like fake!

Intensing your eyebrows with eyebrow powder Eyebrow powder is the best way to intense your eyebrows - how? See here the easy to follow step-by-step instruction!

Eyebrow styling with gel Brush it on your eyebrow hairs in the direction your hairs naturally grow - now all hairs will stay together and not standing outside your eyebrow shape! Let it dry and it will last till you remove your MakeUp by night!

Eyebrows and glasses What should you think about, if you wear glasses? Here some tipps for you!